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Share some tips on using the fan and wet curtain in the farm

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-13

The common method of cooling the chicken house in summer is the fan and wet curtain, but how to use it reasonably, many farmer friends are not very clear. Today, we will mainly share with you some tips for using the fan and wet curtain in the farm .

  1. Do not use wet curtains prematurely. In early summer, the temperature is unstable, and the temperature difference between morning and night is relatively large. Premature use of wet curtains can easily cause colds in the flock, and it will increase the humidity in the house. High humidity in the house can easily cause mildew in the feed and breed balls. Pathogenic microorganisms such as insects and intestinal toxins. At this stage, the temperature is not very high. In fact, as long as the ventilation is increased, the wet curtain can not be opened first.

  2. The air humidity of the chicken house should exceed 50%. Try not to use it. The use of the wet curtain itself will increase the humidity in the house. Sultry, even worse for the health of the flock.

  3. The use of the fan wet curtain should be as hot as possible during the year (more than 30 degrees at night), and only used for a few hours of high fever every day at other times.

  4. A fan uses an AC contactor and overheat protector.

  5. Connect a timer in front of the pump. If the pump is two-phase electricity, use two-phase point electricity, and three-phase electricity use three-phase electricity. You can control how many minutes the pump is turned on (the time when the wet curtain is fully immersed) and how many minutes it is stopped (observed by yourself, the time until the temperature of the chicken house rises 1 degrees), which can save electricity and reduce the humidity Except for the hot days, this method can be used most of the time.

The above points seem inconspicuous, but the difference between doing well and doing badly is very different. You ca n’t ignore it. The temperature in summer is high. If you want to ensure the normal growth of chickens, it is the key to cool down well. .