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Brief introduction of types of automatic chicken breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-17

What are the functions of automatic chicken breeding equipment? How to choose automatic chicken raising equipment for farmers? Next, please take a look at the types and functions of fully automatic chicken breeding equipment together with the editor.

Now 80%-90% of chicken farmers use stepped automatic chicken equipment. Most chicken farms do not use automated equipment, but rely on manual operation. But every chicken farmer saw a stepped automation device. Some ladder automation equipment is backward in technology, irrational in design, and unable to meet automation standards.

As the name suggests, cascading automation is a superposition of layers. Such cages must have high-precision automation equipment to complete the entire chicken raising process, and newer production technologies must be used to ensure the durability of the cages. Currently, there are three production technology cages on the market for chicken farmers to choose:

Cold galvanized. Cold-galvanized, also known as electro-galvanized, has a thin layer of zinc plating, rusting for 2-3 years, and 6-7 years of life. It is careless to make an ordinary artificial cage, but you cannot consider making an automatic chicken raising equipment;

Hot dip galvanized. Hot dip galvanized, also known as hot dip galvanized, has a thick galvanized layer, is not easy to rust, and has high durability. Can be used for 15-20 years. However, the disadvantage is that uneven galvanizing in the galvanizing tank will produce a lot of burrs (this is also a problem in the industry), it is easy to scrape the chicken feathers, it is easy to stab the eggs just laid, the egg damage rate is high, and it is not possible to make brand eggs;

Electrostatic spraying. Also called electrostatic spraying. It is a powder coating that is absorbed into the cage by high-voltage electrostatic forces. It will form a highly corrosion-resistant phosphating film between the cage and the coating. The coating is not easy to fall off when fixed on the surface of the cage. Even if it bends randomly by 360 degrees, it will not fall off. It will not be corroded under the action of strong acid. Can be used for 15-20 years.

Due to the adsorption of high-voltage static electricity, the surface is smooth and beautiful without burrs. Due to the smooth surface, excellent brand eggs can be produced, making the value of the eggs higher, and the brand value of the chicken farm also increasing. Therefore, the electrostatic spraying chicken house is an excellent material for realizing automated chicken breeding equipment, which is not yet available.