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Application and installation of coal-fired hot blast stove

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-10

In the production and operation of greenhouses, winter heating is a condition for high-quality operation of greenhouses. Provide a heat source, increase the temperature of the vegetables in the vegetable greenhouse to grow smoothly. In order to provide people with fresh vegetables in winter. So that people can eat whatever vegetables they want to eat in winter, so that the farmers can earn income. Therefore, the vegetable greenhouse hot air stove is still useful for heating the greenhouse in winter. Equipment such as coal-fired hot blast stoves can maintain a constant temperature, and can also add water to produce steam to humidify the greenhouse according to their own needs. The air source heat pump can be controlled, and the constant temperature requirements of the vegetable greenhouses make the vegetables grow well. And energy-saving and stable, gradually favored by users, the future market is expected. Greenhouse hot air stoves are not only used in the field of civil heating, but also used in the field of agricultural greenhouses, such as vegetable greenhouses, breeding greenhouses and so on.

The coal-fired hot blast stove is based on a vertical boiler. It is connected to the combustion chamber through multiple helical flues, the spiral flue is spirally passed through the furnace water chamber, and the air outlet and dust removal device are provided at the exit of the flue Structural design, to reach the fire walking in the water, multi-pipe surrounding form, large heat dissipation area, uniform heating, fast heating speed, only 18 minutes from ignition to the temperature reaching 80 degrees, The thermal efficiency is up to 83%. Use dry wood to ignite the fire. After 30 minutes, the exhaust gas in the furnace is gradually discharged. At this time, the plug is connected to the main power supply, the temperature regulator displays the room temperature, and then set according to the temperature you need. Button, when the indoor temperature is lower than the set temperature, the fan starts to work automatically, when the temperature value you set reaches the fan will automatically stop working.

Installation and commissioning:

No matter the length of the house, the width of the house, etc., the coal-fired hot blast stove is placed in the middle of any wall opposite the sidewalk. The square hole, the ground should be flat, and then align the opening of the gate to the opening of the square hole, this side is against the wall, so that the hot blast stove is parallel to the wall, is perpendicular to the ground, and there can be no gaps. The air inlet of the fan is aligned with the hot air inlet, and the screws are tightened. A paper pad is added at the air inlet to connect the chimney. The chimney tube is generally perpendicular to the hot air furnace, which needs to be designed and installed separately. After the installation is complete, the hot blast stove is at the outdoor fuel point, and the indoor heating and heating form. The smoke and dust released by the fuel are discharged from the indoor chimney tube to the outside, and a small part is discharged from the feed port to keep the indoor air clean.