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Those who need design drawings of automated chicken breeding equipment come here

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-03

Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide the design drawings of the automatic chicken breeding equipment to everyone. If necessary, you can pick up or leave a message to discuss.

  1. The chicken house is 108 meters long, 13. {{{{4}}}} meters, and the height is {{4}}. 8 meters, equipped with four layers of layer equipment 172, divided into 4 columns, 4 {{4}} groups / columns, rearing capacity: { {6}} group / building X2 4 0 birds / group=4 12 8 0 birds / building.

  2. Chicken coop width {{{{3}}}}. {{{{{{8}}}}}} meters, the width of each row of equipment {{{{ 9}}}}. 67 meters, middle walkway {{3}}. {{{{8}}}}} meters, walkway against the wall on both sides {{{{9} }}}. {{{8}} meters, because there are wind deflectors on both sides, the walkways on both sides need to be wider. The height of the equipment is 3. {{{{8}}}} 8 meters, and the drip height of the chicken house is at least 3. 8 meters

  3. Chicken cage specifications 2250 X {{2}} X 430, divided into 5 grids, each small grid is recommended to raise chickens 6 Feathers, the cage bed area occupied by each chicken is 4 5 0cm 2. The angle of the egg pocket is very important, which has a greater relationship with the broken egg rate.

  4. The height of the cage frame including the driving is 3280. The drip height of the general chicken house is about 500 higher than the cage frame. The installation position of the material should be considered carefully.

  5. Equipped with 18 sets of 1380 X 1380 size fans, 50 inch fan count calculation method: I want to make the wind speed in the house reach }}}}. 5 m / s, which requires ({{5}}. 5 * cross-sectional area) cubic meters / sec of exhaust air volume, and then calculate the chicken per hour The amount of exhaust required by the house, divided by the air volume of each fan, can know how many fans are needed.

  6. Wet curtain area: 124 m? (Front gable {{2}}. 5 X 2. 5 Two side walls 18 X 2. 5 two pieces), 1 5 centimeter thick water curtain paper ideal wind speed is 2. 0 meters / Sec, water curtain area=total exhaust volume ÷ 60 sec ÷ over curtain wind speed.

  7. The wet curtain is installed in the ear room about one meter away from the wall. The wet curtain is hung on the ear room structure, which is more conducive to installing a deflector inside to prevent cold wind from directly blowing on the chicken.

  8. Install 70 side wind windows, with 35 sets on each side wall; specification is 0. {{4} m * 0. 56 M (the hole in the wall is 0. 4 * 0. 75 m); the side wind window is not less than 500 away from the roof of the chicken coop, and the eaves are not less than {{ 12}}.

In such a building, more than 10,000 layers of laying hens can be raised. If the chicken coop is made about {{1}} meters wide, it can raise about 5 million layers of laying hens. In the near future, modern, intensive, and large-scale farming models will replace small-scale farming models. The leading laying hens represented by large-scale farming companies will build a single farm with a stock of 5 100,000 or even millions. Of large-scale laying hen farms, and the smaller unit is the 5-1 hens of 1 as mentioned above.