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Automated pig equipment installation and commissioning integration

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-27

Features of automated pig equipment:

  1, high reliability, long-term stable operation;

  2, unified feeding time, to avoid the stress reaction of pigs;

  3, regular quantitative feeding to reduce feeding costs;

  4, reduce the pressure of epidemic prevention, cut off the spread of epidemic situation;

  5, save labor (amount) and improve efficiency.

Automated pig farming equipment still uses the current mature pig farm automatic feed line. The automatic feed line system coupled with the intelligent dry and wet feeder is not bad, and the efficiency is very high. After solving the eating, drinking, and sleeping of the piglets, we cannot ignore the environmental control, which includes the heating system and the ventilation and cooling system. The heating system mainly considers the climate difference between north and south in winter, and is directly linked to its survival rate; the ventilation and cooling system mainly considers the construction mode of the pig house and the ammonia concentration generated by the excrement, and often let the pig house inside Ventilation and ventilation are beneficial to the growth environment of the piglet and the breathing difficulties caused by the ammonia gas to the piglet. It is recommended that those involved in the survival rate of piglets use fully automatic pig feeder equipment.

Piggery temperature control equipment is a hot product in the pig industry today. Pay attention to the following points when raising pigs:

  1, reduce the feeding density: large-scale pig farms, due to the density of pigs, the volume of the pig house is relatively small and closed, a large amount of carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and dust accumulated in the pig house, so that Sick. Therefore, the pig farm can properly reduce the feeding density, the suitable feeding density is 0. {{2}} square meters to 0. 4 square meters per piglet, and 0. {{6 }} Sqm ~ 0. 8 m2, each big pig 1. 0m2 ~ 1. 2 m2.

  2. Ventilation: Drying is the main measure to reduce the generation of harmful gases, and ventilation is an important method to eliminate harmful gases. When there is a conflict between heat preservation and ventilation in the severe cold season, peroxide disinfectants can be sprayed into the pig house regularly, and the oxygen released by it can oxidize the air.

  3 The hydrogen sulfide and ammonia of the automatic pig breeding equipment play the roles of sterilization, deodorization, dust reduction and air purification. The ammonia in the pig house must be below 50 WL, and the carbon dioxide should be below 0. 2%. Ammonium sulfide, carbon dioxide, and dust must not exceed the standard, otherwise it may cause respiratory diseases.