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The purchase of stainless steel pig trough needs to consider many factors

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-05

With the development of aquaculture automation,Stainless steel pig troughThe application in pig farms is becoming more and more common. There are many factors to consider when we choose feed troughs, not just the price. There is also a need to consider how to assess the quality of the feeding position and how many pigs each feeding position can use.

1. Quality of feeding position

  1, width of feeding position

In order to protect the feeding space of the pigs, the width of the feeding position is generally recommended to be 1. 1 times the width of the pig ’s shoulder. . 7 (cm) * Weight (kg) ^ 0. 333. 30 kg corresponds to 20. 8 cm, {{2}} 0kg corresponds to 2 {{2}}. {{11} } cm, 1 20 kg corresponds to 33 cm

  2, deeper feeding position

The recommended feeding position is deeper: nursery pigs 10-20 cm, fattening pigs 25-30 cm, and nursery fattening 25-30 cm.

  3, edge height

Recommended feeding height of the edge: 5-10cm for nursery pigs, 10-15cm for fattening pigs, and 10-12cm for nursery and fattening.

  4, whether there is a block between feeding positions

If you can achieve 1. 1 times the shoulder width, there is basically no fighting situation from the block to the pig ’s shoulder, and the average incidence of fighting from block to head is about 7%, and If there is no block, there is an average fighting rate of about 1 9%. The experimental data also showed that there was less waste of feed on the shoulder or head of the pig. This is why some scholars do not recommend the use of tube feeders.

2. Each stainless steel pig trough can feed several pigs

Traditionally, it is recommended that each feeding position supply about 5 pigs, and it is also said that a single feeder can manage 40 pigs. The feeding time or speed of each pig per day is the key to determine how many pigs to feed each feeding position. Dr. Harold Gonyou provided the following data in a 2000 year report (fattening pigs):

The maximum number of pigs supplied is actually the situation where the pigs are feeding every 24 hours, which will affect the daily weight gain and feed ratio of the pigs. In fact, the feeding time of pigs decreases with increasing age and weight. The data we obtained using the Austrian feeding equipment also reflects this trend. When the pig weight reaches 70 kg, the average daily feeding time is basically fixed.