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Share automated chicken breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-24

Automated equipment is gradually spreading to all walks of life, and it is maturing in the planting and breeding industries. Many students have been engaged in the operation and maintenance of automatic pig and chicken breeding equipment. Today, Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd. shares with you the automatic chicken raising equipment!

The benefits of using different chicken farming equipment are often very different.

The important condition for deciding whether to make money is to raise a good chicken. If you want to raise a good chicken, the equipment is very important. Laying hen production equipment includes cages, drinking fountains, feeders, manure cleaners, egg pickers, temperature control systems, etc. Good mechanical equipment can create a better living environment for chickens and greatly improve production efficiency.

Different equipment, different temperature control systems

Why the laying hens in China normally produce 15-1 6 kg of eggs per year, and the feed-to-egg ratio is 2. 6-2. 8, The rate of dead panning is 2 0-30%; while the annual output of eggs in developed countries is 19 kg, the feed-to-egg ratio is 2. 2 0, the rate of dead panning is {{ 8}}%. In other words, there is still a big gap between China's automated chicken breeding equipment and foreign countries, especially in terms of temperature control system.

The purpose of the temperature control system is to provide a suitable growth environment for the chickens to make them comfortable and bring good benefits. When the temperature is too low, the energy in the feed will generate heat to maintain body temperature, resulting in an unfavorable feed to egg ratio. If the temperature is too high, the chicken needs to breathe and drink more water to cool down. If the feed intake of the chicken is reduced, it will also affect the egg production rate and induce a cold in the flock. Some temperature control systems have problems, and it is also possible that a tens of thousands of chickens will be completely destroyed. Therefore, to purchase automated chicken breeding equipment, we need to find a good manufacturer. We need to find manufacturers with high quality guarantee and good after-sales service.