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What equipment is included in automated pig breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-13

In terms of equipment categories, automated pig breeding equipment includes positioning pens, fat pig pens, delivery pens, nursery pens, wet and dry feeders, manure leaking floors, and drinking water systems. The feeding system has a material tower and a material line. The feces discharge equipment includes blisters and sludge discharge valves and scraping plates. Manure dry and wet separation equipment. Fermentation equipment. The environmental control system includes fans, water curtains, boiler heating, roof exhaust fans, roller shutters, spray disinfection and cooling systems, entry disinfection channels, and piggery environment automatic control box. Sow management equipment includes sow quantitative feeding line, sow electronic feeder, sow delivery room feeder, and also includes other boar equipment, boar testing stations, laboratory equipment, breeding tools, pregnancy testing tools, Super, pig marking devices, farm management software, farm monitoring system, etc.

Among these automated pig breeding equipment, the positioning fence and the bed have been widely adopted by the majority of pig raising friends. Now the most used are the defecation equipment, feeding equipment and environmental control equipment. There are differences in scale and application of talent quality.

According to the analysis of the stage of each pig herd, the reserve pig herd and the boar herd are suitable for small unit free-range, use normal feeding equipment and environmental control equipment, have a quiet semen collection room and breeding bar. Now the breeding bar also has a special construction mode, with the head down and the buttocks slightly higher, and a row of 4 buildings. There is a place for boar activities in front, which is convenient for the sow to be excited during breeding and improve the conception rate.