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Manure Cleaner
Manure Cleaner
Manure Cleaner

Manure CleanerIt is mainly used in modern and large-scale farming communities, successfully solving the problem of high cost of manual manure removal, and improving the indoor environment. This product has the characteristics of simple and fast operation, safe use, continuous rope, long service life, and unmanned management. It is an ideal manure removal equipment for farms.

The manure cleaning machine is composed of a host, a manure scraper, a corner wheel, a traction rope, and electrical devices.

  1. The main unit is output by {{{{2}}}} V three-phase power supply, connected by a motor to a cycloidal pin gear reducer, with strong power, safe and stable operation, and simultaneous operation {{{ {3}}}} or 2 manure scraping boards, with a longer stroke of {{2}} 30 meters.

  2. The scraper board is automatically retracted and retracted. The design is reasonable. The width of the scraper board and the profile of the scraper board can be customized according to customer requirements.

  3 The corner wheel has the functions of preventing rope falling and cleaning, which guarantees the stability and safety of the operation of the overall fecal cleaning system.

  4. The traction rope is a braided nylon rope, which has the characteristics of high friction, strong tensile strength and resistance to fecal corrosion. During use, direct sunlight should be reduced.