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Coal-fired hot blast stove
Coal-fired hot blast stove
Coal-fired hot blast stove

1. Features

  1, due toCoal-fired hot blast stoveThe high temperature protection measures are adopted to increase its lifespan compared with the tube type hot blast stove. At the same time, it uses longitudinal flue gas flushing fins and negative pressure smoke exhaust. The heat exchange parts do not accumulate dust and need not be used for a long time When cleaning, the thermal performance becomes more stable.

  2. The coal and firewood can be used as fuel, and a secondary air intake device is provided for more thorough combustion. The economic and technical indicators of the furnace have reached an excellent level in the market.

  3, fast temperature rise, very high thermal efficiency, the average thermal efficiency is about 80%;

  4, simple operation and long service life;

  5, at 150 ~ 550 ℃ divided into three specifications: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature, which can meet the needs of different users;

Second, the scope of application

This hot blast stove is a universal hot blast generator, which can be used in conjunction with various drying equipment to dry various materials. It can also be used for heating materials and removing water from the environment.

The coal-fired hot blast stoves produced by Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd. are individually designed according to the required wind temperature, air volume, pressure drop and other parameters of the supporting equipment, so that each hot blast stove can be adapted to specific working conditions, thereby achieving excellent Operation efficiency, if you want to buy such breeding equipment, you can contact us, we will serve you sincerely.

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