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Smokeless environmental protection hot blast stove
Smokeless environmental protection hot blast stove
Smokeless environmental protection hot blast stove

The smokeless and environmentally friendly hot blast stove is a kind of energy-saving smokeless hot blast stove controlled by a microcomputer. As an ideal heat source: it is mainly used in pigs, chickens, ducks and other livestock and poultry houses. This product has six characteristics:

1. Environmental protection

Combustion and heat transfer are integrated in the furnace, and the high-temperature part of the furnace body uses a new multi-layer back-fire heating technology. There are different ways of smoke and clean air. The air is heated to 80-180 ℃, and it becomes clean and purified fresh air through the furnace body.

2. Energy saving

Adopting combustion technology can ensure the combustion of fuel, and solve the defects of uneven furnace temperature, incomplete combustion, smoke overflow and incomplete combustion. Compared with the traditional heating method (earth stove), the demand for coal can be saved by 50%. The furnace is directly heated after being ignited, and the comprehensive heat utilization rate is high.

3. Fast heating and high efficiency

The livestock house heats up quickly. If the hot blast stove is configured properly, the brooding area can reach 38 ° C in 90 minutes. The power range 4 10,000-500,000 kcal / h can be freely selected according to the actual situation of the user.

4. Security

The smoke-free and environmentally friendly hot air stove does not require radiators or water for heating. It is safe to operate; it does not burn sheds or smoke sheds, and basically requires no maintenance. It is easy to install. The furnace body works even at full load. It can still have a higher heat utilization rate. It does not overflow, leak, crack or explode during use, and can be operated by men, women and children.

5. Convenience

The novel furnace body design can be used for internal and external rotation inside and outside the shed, inside operation, automatic switching, simultaneous heating and air exchange, reducing ammonia in the shed.

6. Simple operation

The microcomputer is used to control the temperature of the barn, which greatly reduces the labor, and the furnace body is compact, which is convenient for users to install.