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Fan wet curtain
Fan wet curtain
Fan wet curtain

First, the principle of fan wet curtain

The principle of wet curtain paper in cooling and cooling is the physical state of "water evaporation to absorb heat", that is, water flows from top to bottom under the action of gravity, which forms on the surface of the corrugated fibers of the wet curtain Water film, when the air flowing at a speed passes through the wet curtain, the water in the water film will absorb the heat in the air and then evaporate. The water evaporation takes a lot of heat to reduce the temperature of the air passing through the wet curtain, thus The purpose of cooling.

The state of the air changes from high temperature and low humidity to low temperature and high humidity. The entire temperature drop is a process of isothermal enthalpy cooling, that is, the total enthalpy of the air does not change, the temperature decreases and the humidity increases.

Second, the role and conditions of the fan wet curtain

Wet curtain cooling: relatively standard sheds with suitable conditions can use a wet curtain to cool down. Effect: It can be reduced by 5-8 degrees.

Applicable conditions: standardized fully enclosed shed; humidity; number of fans,

Principle: Low-temperature water passes through the wet curtain, and the fan is started, and the temperature of the air decreases when passing through the wet curtain.

Fan cooling: Install a fan with a diameter of 1. 2 meters every 10 meters along the longitudinal (aisle) of the shed.