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Automatic chicken cage equipment
Automatic chicken cage equipment
Automatic chicken cage equipment

For most people, fully automatic chicken cage equipment is a relatively new type of machinery on the market, so many people do not understand its performance, but it is really a chicken cleanup for large and medium-sized chicken farmers A good helper for manure in the house, because the equipment has a good performance in cleaning the manure and dirt in the chicken house of the chicken farm.

The decontamination belt conveyor belt is simple, efficient and clean. The polypropylene (PP) decontamination conveyor belt collects feces under the chicken cage. The cycle of the feces can be stored and ventilated on the conveyor belt is 7 days. During the removal of feces, the feces fall from each layer of conveyor belt to the horizontal conveyor Then, it can be transported to the manure storage room or be transported to the manure transport vehicle through the oblique conveyor belt, and then the manure removal work is finished.

The thickened scraper made of excellent materials guarantees the service life of the fully automatic chicken cage equipment. The big advantage is that the facility can complete unmanned treatment, actively remove the feces on a regular basis, and directly send the chicken manure to the outside of the chicken house. On the vehicle, reduce the working time of environmental purification; set no fermentation in the house, the ammonia concentration increases, the air in the house is cleaner; the level of automation is high, reducing the labor intensity of the farmers.

For chicken farms that are now more and more centralized in raising poultry, a fully automatic chicken cage machine has become an indispensable tool. We all know that only providing a good growth environment for chickens can ensure the healthy growth of chickens, and can also well avoid the spread of epidemic diseases.