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Breeding fan
Breeding fan
Breeding fan

Breeding fans are mainly used for heating and heat preservation of breeding sheds such as chickens, ducks and special poultry and vegetable greenhouses. It has the characteristics of multi-function integration and automatic electronic. The fan of the farm uses electric heating, which saves more energy and protects the environment. The humanized design of the double fan, the more energy-efficient and efficient, the work of the fan and the cigarette lighter are controlled by the automatic temperature controller, which may save electricity. No radiator, no water, safe operation; no burning shed, no smoking shed, no maintenance, easy installation.

Breeding fans are not only suitable for the breeding industry, but can also be used in the following fields:

  1, the fan is also suitable for the production of industrial chillers, seafood machines, heat pump water heaters;

  2, the microcomputer controller is suitable for the production enterprises of aquariums, aquarium bottom cabinets and aquarium chillers;

  3, manufacturers of ice machines, milk cans, ice cream machines, and car refrigerators;

  4, manufacturers of industrial machine tool cooling equipment, electrical cabinet cooling equipment;

  5, enterprises of greenhouse equipment, equipment, incubation equipment;

  6, a manufacturer of wine cabinets, air curtain cabinets, fresh-keeping cabinets;

  7, a manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles, quick-frozen tunnels, cold storage engineering equipment

  8, tea, tobacco, low-temperature food, vegetable preservation equipment manufacturing enterprises;