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Breeding stove
Breeding stove
Breeding stove

As the hot blast stove began to be widely used in our market at the end of the 20 century 70, it has become an alternative product for electric heat sources and traditional steam-powered heat sources in many industries. Next, let ’s understand The operation principle and product characteristics of aquaculture hot blast stove.

1. Operating principle:

The double-layer design separates the boiler combustion chamber and the hot air outlet, and then uses the fan to blow out the temperature between the interlayer to increase the temperature. Realize multiple functions such as automatic combustion, spontaneous heating, automatic air supply and so on.

2. Product features:

  1. The hot air stove can increase the temperature of the shed so that the planted fruit can be released early and increase the economic benefit. Make the temperature of pigs and chicken coops quite suitable, achieve the constant temperature effect, and release it in advance.

  2 This product is pressureless, smoke-free, safe and does not pollute the environment.

  3 The operation of the product is simple, the temperature is automatically controlled by the computer, and the amount of combustion is automatically controlled.

  4, a new full-fire tube series, this product can save coal 30%-50% compared with the hot blast stove on the market.

  5. The hot air sent by this product is clean air, without any pollution, and without any a soot.

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