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Automated chicken equipment
Automated chicken equipment
Automated chicken equipment

With the development of science and technology, chicken breeding has been automated from feeding, drinking water, temperature adjustment, to picking up eggs, packing, and automatic fecal removal; of course, eggs are not simply collected, and the entire process is automated.

Automated chicken farming equipment not only saves manpower significantly, the chicken coop has been changed from one floor to two floors, and the number of chicken coops with 5 ten thousand laying hens has been increased to 10 ten thousand, saving another half soil of. A 10 hen house with hens usually uses 8 layered feeding equipment with temperature control system, manure removal system, feeding system and egg collection system.

One computer can make a clear view of the production situation of the whole chicken house. Not only that, the temperature and humidity automatic adjustment and control equipment enable the computer to monitor the heating, ventilation, temperature and humidity control of the chicken house. If the temperature of the chicken house is set to 22 ℃, and the temperature is greater than two degrees, the alarm system will sound, and you can use the mobile phone to control it remotely. Turn on the mobile phone to control the chicken farm far away.

After the use of automated chicken breeding equipment, the overall control system of the entire chicken house will be unified into a cloud platform to realize the management of 10 10,000 chickens by one person. The cloud platform not only wants to increase the output by increasing the number of laying hens, And increase the efficiency of artificial breeding, these big data can match well optimized data, much more intelligent than the human brain.

With the rise in prices, the price of labor is becoming more and more expensive. With the support of the department on large-scale farms, many large enterprises are also increasing their investment in farming. In the past, raising 10 million chickens required more than a dozen people to work together, but now only one staff member is needed, which saves time and hassle and reduces breeding costs.