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Automated pig equipment
Automated pig equipment
Automated pig equipment

With the development of a modern society, people have entered an industrialized society. The mechanization and automation of various industries have greatly increased, increasing production efficiency. With the arrival of the era of scale in our breeding industry, we are certainly also excellent mechanization , Automation, whoever has the advantage of mechanized and automated pig breeding equipment in the era of scale, who will have the first chance, save costs, increase breeding efficiency, and stand in an invincible position.

  1, cost savings

What costs are saved? For example, according to the current labor cost calculation, one worker is calculated according to the salary of 30,000 yuan, and a pig farm with 10,000 heads per year is calculated according to the reduction of 5 workers after using automatic pig breeding equipment. Years can directly save 1 5 ten thousand yuan, 10 year is 1 5 million yuan, these data may not care much in our breeding process, but these numbers add up It is not a small number.

  2, high efficiency

Automated pig equipment can be operated regardless of day or night, regardless of time, as long as we give him an instruction, he will follow our instructions. Taking the automatic feeding system as an example, a building has a { For {0}} sows, the feeding time for this 300 sow can be completed in 3 minutes, and it is first dropped into the sow quantitative cup and then fed There is an automatic feeding system in the trough. As long as the rope is pulled gently, the entire sow can be fed at the same time, which greatly reduces the stress of the sow. The whole pigs are fed at the same time. The phenomenon of pigs screaming is behind.

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